Nail Services

We use 2 types of gel nail product...

geleSSe - a gel nail polish. This unique gel polish can be used as a short term nail polish and a longer lasting gel polish. It can also be used to create nail art designs, is designed to last up to 14 days, but we have had some clients who have worn it for a month!!

This product is for you if you just want a groomed manicured finish and/or if you take good care of your nails.

We can also apply express nail extensions and geleSSe gel colour on top - these nails are for short term wear, can be soaked off and last up to 1 month.

Primagel -  super strength gel product for natural nails and for nail extensions.

This product if for you if you need a stronger gel nail enhancement, are very hard wearing on your nails, want longer nails, have tried other gel nails that don't last on you. It is designed to need a tidy up/colour change every 3 weeks, some clients come every 4 weeks depending on nail growth.

These gel nails are for long term wear, are very strong and resistant to water, cleaning products, sun creams... etc


PRIMAGEL hard gel nails
*A very hard wearing gel that is comparable to the strength of an acrylic nail
*Used to enhance the natural nail or used with nail extensions
*For clients who are very hard wearing on their nails and want perfectly groomed even looking nails all the time
*Available in Clear, Pink, Permanent French & over 100 colours, glitters & shimmers

£30 on natural nails and includes gel polish colour or french
£40 full set nail extensions and includes gel polish colour or french

£30 infills - every 3-4 weeks and includes gel polish colour or french


*A gel polish base coat, gelesse gel polish & a gelesse top coat
*One of the strongest gel polishes available
*No buffing of the natural nail
*Dry & smudge proof instantly
*Lasts up to 4 weeks on natural nails

£20 on nails
£20 on toenails

additional £5 if a soak off is required

New geleSSe Strengthening Gel can also be applied for an extra £3 for super strength gel polish nails.


GELESSE EXPRESS gel manicure
* A nail polish basecoat, geleSSe gel polish & a nail polish topcoat
*No buffing of the natural nail
*Dry & smudge proof instantly
*Lasts up to 2 weeks on nails & up to 4 weeks on toenails
*Soaks off very quickly
*Use our fast dry topcoat at home to keep them shiny

£15 on nails
£17.50 on toenails


*A very strong tip applied high up on the nail with geleSSe gel polish applied in any colour on top
*Nails can be long and any shape you wish
*Lasts up to 4 weeks
*Can be soaked off

£40 and includes gel polish colour or french


£15 - we can repair and reconstruct badly damaged toenails so you can show off your feet! People have walked out of our salon crying with happiness after this treatment! Ladies and men who have been embarrased by their feet for years... If this is you, then call us today! You will not believe what miracles we can perform - our speciality!


£20 gel on toes

£5 extra for soak off or file off

£35 gel pedicure using our specialist chiropody nail file to tidy your feet, file all hard skin and a foot cleanse & massage

Make Up Services

£50 - full face glam including lashes

£30 - eyes only including lashes

£35 - Party party natural glam including lashes

Bridal - price on enquiry (trails, brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride etc)

click here @jadesbrushofbeauty for photos of our work


£199 for 3 areas (full vial)

Avaialble at our visiting Botox clinic every Thursday evening when the rest of the salon is closed.

For both men and women

Highly experienced Practitioner who has been doing Botox for more than 12 years.